Terms and Conditions


Guiding Principle:

“Be nice to others, don't be a jerk, and realise that the staff are never merely *suggesting* that you knock it off.”

Safety and security is of utmost concern to FurCoNZ staff, and the following Terms and Conditions have been written with that in mind.

FurCoNZ will be operating as a closed site, and is considered to be a private event. The site will only be open to registered attendees. Attendees must wear their badges at all times in open areas of the site (this is any communal area that is open for access to all registered attendees -- exceptions include cabins, ablution blocks, Staff-only areas, and out-of-bound areas).

Matters concerning the Terms and Conditions listed below will be dealt with by FurCoNZ Staff in the first instance. We reserve the right to revoke your registration, with no refund, and ask you to leave the site if it is deemed an appropriate action against violations. For serious violations we also reserve the right to exclude you from future FurCoNZ events.

Where an issue cannot be resolved, or the violation is criminal in nature, we reserve the right to call in local authorities.

Abiding by these Terms and Conditions is a requirement for attendance:


FurCoNZ aims to give all its participants a safe and fun environment to enjoy themselves throughout the event.

While FurCoNZ will be operating as a closed site, and there will be age limits for attendees, we ask all attendees to be mindful of their behaviour in open areas of the site.

During the day, as there may be younger attendees present (on Day Passes), we require that behaviour in open areas of the site remain PG in nature.

From 8pm (the end of Day Pass admissions and front gate closure) the site will be considered a mature environment and greater leniency will be given to behaviour, however excessive strong language or indecent behaviour in open areas will not be tolerated.

Specific violations can include, but are not limited to: wearing unacceptably revealing clothing, openly displaying adult artwork, or indecent acts.

In most cases a simple verbal warning will be given first. Individuals may then be asked to leave the area or retire to their cabin. For extreme instances, repeated violations or blatant disregard for FurCoNZ staff or fellow attendees, the individual may be asked to leave the site.

FurCoNZ reserves the right to refuse registration to individuals who have demonstrated unacceptable behaviour at past community events. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Age Restriction

The following age limits apply to FurCoNZ registrations:

    Full Registration, for unaccompanied attendees, is restricted to attendees 16 years or older.
    Day Pass Registration, for unaccompanied attendees, is restricted to 14 years or older.

Unaccompanied attendees under the age of 18 years at the start of FurCoNZ (3rd February 2017), or the respective days for Day Pass attendees, must submit a Consent Form signed by a Parent OR Legal Guardian. Consent Forms must be verified by a member of FurCoNZ staff in order for registration to be completed.

Attendees under the designated ages must be accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian. For accompanied minors, separate registration fees must be paid for both the minor and the accompanying Parent or Legal Guardian. This is non-negotiable.

FurCoNZ reserves the right to perform an ID check on all attendees during FurCoNZ. Valid forms of photo ID include: passport, driver's license or 18+ card. Please ensure you have at least one of these forms of identification with you. Photocopies or printouts will not be accepted. Details on ID must match the details given during registration.

Providing false information or attempting to circumvent Age Restrictions, will void your registration for FurCoNZ and you will be asked to leave the site immediately.

Harassment and Assault

Harassment of any kind is not tolerated by FurCoNZ. This includes, but is not limited to:

    Behaviour that intentionally annoys, alarms or harms another person (physical or verbal);
    Inappropriate behaviour or unwanted advances;
    Uninvited physical contact.

Contact a FurCoNZ staff member immediately if you feel harassed or threatened.

We have ZERO TOLERANCE toward such behaviours and we reserve the right to evict any offenders immediately.

Any form of assault will be referred directly to local authorities (ie. NZ Police).


FurCoNZ does allow smoking, but in designated areas only. There is to be no smoking indoors anywhere on-site (including in cabins).

Smokers are expected to be considerate of any non-smokers present.

Smokers must fully extinguish and dispose of their cigarette/cigar butts in the proper manner.


**Normally alcohol is prohibited on the site, but we are presently in discussion with MiCamp about allowing alcohol.

The following section is pending the outcome:

[Alcohol may only be consumed by attendees 18 years of age or over. It is ILLEGAL to supply alcohol to minors. Those who violate this will be evicted from the site immediately.

Alcohol may only be consumed in designated areas and may only be consumed after 8pm (the end of Day Pass admissions). NO alcohol is to be consumed outside of the designated areas or times. Violation of this will result in the alcohol being confiscated and disposed of immediately, no questions asked.

Any alcohol brought onsite must be declared to FurCoNZ staff. As part of promoting responsible drinking, FurCoNZ staff will moderate the quantity of alcohol being brought on-site. Quantities deemed excessive will be confiscated and returned at the end of the event. Alcohol that is not declared will be confiscated and immediately disposed of.

Attendees who are visibly intoxicated in open spaces will be asked to retire to their assigned cabin.

Excessive intoxication will result in the confiscation of any remaining alcohol, and a ban on alcohol consumption for the remainder of the event. Violation of this ban will result in eviction from the site.]

Illegal Substances

FurCoNZ has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards the possession, use, sale and/or distribution of illegal drugs (this also includes prescription medication used by, or in the possession of those whom it is not prescribed to).

This includes, but is not limited to, all drugs classified under the Misuse of Drugs Act (1975) and substances classified under the Psychoactive Substances Act (2013).

For avoidance of doubt, this covers all drugs previously classified as 'legal highs'.

Offenders will be escorted off-site immediately, and the matter will be referred to local authorities (ie. NZ Police).


Weapons are not allowed at FurCoNZ. This includes, but is not limited to, edged weapons, projectile weapons, melee weapons, siege weapons, or firearms of any sort (including slug, BB and airsoft guns). If you are caught with any weapon, the offending item will be confiscated and stored away in a secure location and will only be returned at the end of the event.

In general, weapons that are part of a costume will not normally be allowed, however those attendees affected are encouraged to contact FurCoNZ Staff in advance to discuss a possible solution (such as peace-bonding).

Where possession of the weapon is illegal under New Zealand Law, we reserve the right to contact the local authorities.


Dogs are not allowed anywhere on the MiCamp site, the exception being guide dogs and other registered disability assistance animals (as per the Human Rights Act (1993) and Dog Control Act (1996)). Please advise FurCoNZ staff upon registration if this applies to you.

In general FurCoNZ does not allow other animals to be brought on-site, however exceptions may be made in exceptional circumstances (eg. Exotic animals for special interest panels). Please contact FurCoNZ staff for further information.

Photography and Video

Photography and video recording by attendees are generally allowed, however this is subject to common sense, courtesy, and consent of those being photographed or recorded.

Where consent is denied, photography or video recording must cease immediately.

As part of ongoing promotion FurCoNZ reserves the right to gather photographs or video recordings for use in official photo and/or video releases (such as on the FurCoNZ website). FurCoNZ staff will endeavour to seek consent from those featured, but attendees who specifically do not wish to appear on these must advise FurCoNZ staff.

Media/Press Policy

FurCoNZ is a private event taking place on a closed site. All attendees have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Any consent to the gathering of information, photographs, video / audio recordings, or other materials for the purposes publication, broadcast or other mass media use is explicitly denied.

FurCoNZ does not allow any media/press presence on site.

Attendees who are the members, employees, agents or associates of media/press organisations must declare this at the time of registration, even if they may be attending in a personal capacity.

Individuals and/or organisations in violation will be asked to leave the site, and FurCoNZ reserves the right to follow up with further legal action.

We ask all other attendees to please respect the privacy of all our participants when making public posts or comments.

Bunkrooms and Lodges

Bunkrooms and Lodge bedrooms are considered private space.

FurCoNZ reserves the right for Staff to enter bunkrooms or lodges for purposes such as, but not limited to, inspection, cleaning or maintenance. We will endeavour to ensure at least one resident is present when this occurs.

Attendees are not permitted to enter bunkrooms or lodges they are not assigned to without being accompanied by at least one resident.

All the residents in each bunkroom or lodge will be collectively responsible for the tidiness of their bunkroom or lodge, and they will be collectively responsible for any damage that occurs.

As bunkrooms and lodges are shared, residents of each bunkroom or lodge are expected to be mindful of their fellow residents. Behaviours that attract the objections of any other resident must cease immediately.

Lodges are assigned, and we will endeavour meet the accommodation requests of attendees. However, if you are unsatisfied with your placement please advise FurCoNZ staff and we will try to reassign you (subject to availability).

Bunkrooms are allocated on a 'first come first served' basis only. Due to the size and availability of bunkrooms, we are not able to accommodate specific cabin assignment requests.

Attendees who have paid for bunkroom accommodation are not permitted to shift to lodge accommodation without the explicit consent of FurCoNZ staff. Upgrades will be handled on a case-by-case basis only.

Attendees who do swap bunkrooms or lodges must advise FurCoNZ staff of the change.

Safety, Damage and Liability

FurCoNZ takes the safety of its attendees seriously. First Aiders are on staff, and First Aid Kits are available on site. All accidents, near misses, or potentially hazardous situations must be reported to FurCoNZ staff in the first instance or, failing that, to MiCamp staff.

Attendees are responsible for the disclosure to FurCoNZ staff of any significant medical condition that may affect their stay or may affect their ability to participate in activities. This would include, but is not limited to, conditions such as severe allergies, epilepsy, diabetes, or asthma. Disclosures of this nature will be treated in strict confidence.

Attendees who have significant medical conditions are responsible for bringing any medications they require. Where an emergency medication is required (such as an EpiPen or asthma inhaler), it is highly recommended that the attendee provide spare medication to FurCoNZ staff for fast access should an emergency arise.

While FurCoNZ endeavours to take all due care, it cannot be held responsible for the choices or actions of its attendees.

Damage to FurCoNZ or MiCamp property must be reported to FurCoNZ staff. Where damage is caused by carelessness, negligence, or wilful act, FurCoNZ reserves the right to seek costs for repairs or replacement from the attendee(s) involved.

Attendees are responsible for any property they bring on-site. FurCoNZ cannot be held responsible for damage, loss or theft of personal belongings.

Complaints and Refunds

Registration is fully refundable until one month before the start of the event (3rd January, 2017). After this time, refunds will be made on a case-by-case basis in exceptional circumstances. Where refunds cannot be offered, a free transfer of registration may be allowed provided the newly registered party can comply with FurCoNZ Terms and Conditions

During the event, complaints must be made directly to FurCoNZ staff to ensure timely resolution.

Complaints about any of the FurCoNZ staff must be directed to the Head Organiser only. The Head Organiser will then deal with staff issues internally.

Outside of the event, complaints or appeals against bans must be submitted in writing to:

    FurCoNZ Committee,
    58 Chartwell Drive,
    Crofton Downs,


Rev. 23 3rdOctober 2016